Emma Rhymer | About Me
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Photo from the Cycle Epic and Trail Run Weekend 2019 at Hidden Vale Adventure Park. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.
Emma Rhymer MTB

Hello, my name is Emma Rhymer

In 2014 I rode a mountain bike for the first time. It was my first time on a bike in almost 30 years, & I’d barely ridden a bike before that. I struggled to stay upright and had no idea how to change gears, but I couldn’t stop grinning.


After that week I couldn’t stop thinking about dirt trails. I went to spin classes at the local gym to build fitness and a colleague loaned me his old bike so I could actually learn to ride. I joined in with kids’ coaching at Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club – & struggled to keep up with the u12s. But, boy, was I determined!


I met Dylan Rhymer a few months later & couldn’t believe my luck when I found out he had been riding mountain bikes for 30-odd years. With Dylan’s help, I bought a secondhand bike of my own and began to get more adventurous. My fitness improved but I crashed regularly, so I sought more coaching. The priority was to make me safer rather than faster, but in time John Pinnell introduced me to the Wild West Series of XC races. I was instantly hooked.


I rediscovered a competitive streak I long thought I’d lost but quickly realised I’d never be terribly fast, so I decided to go far instead. I asked Jodie Willett of Bikeritemtb for a program to help build my endurance, and as my fitness has improved so my idea of ‘far’ has increased from 3-hour to 24-hour races. Determined to achieve as may kilometres as possible, I sought sports nutrition advice from Dietician Approved and got help with my off-the-bike training from Total Balance Health & Fitness. Throughout my journey, I’ve also had great support from iRidebikes in Toowoomba – and this is something for which I’m extremely grateful.


I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered mountain biking at 40, to have someone special to share this biking adventure with & to have had the opportunity to pursue my mountain biking midlife crisis in a way I never imagined at the time. As for Dylan, he rolls his eyes whenever I mention my latest racing goal or bucket list bike-travel destination – & then does absolutely everything he can to help me achieve my goals.


I am most certainly still learning, but who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?